Washington Brings In New GM: Playoff Hopes Dashed

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bronsonj3: I can't remember but can we renounce after FA starts or is this the only time to renounce? May 26, 2020 12:54:11 GMT
andrei: Class looks pretty good. I almost wish I picked up a defensive big May 25, 2020 19:47:31 GMT
mgtr81: File updated after the draft May 24, 2020 18:49:24 GMT
emplep7: I will trade anything to get AI May 22, 2020 15:58:28 GMT
andrei: I love me some Big Ben but, if they are similar to their real self, there is no way he is in the same conversation as Iverson and, especially, KG :) May 21, 2020 18:46:50 GMT
mgtr81: Allen Iverson, Ben Wallace and Kevin Garnett May 20, 2020 20:18:46 GMT
mgtr81: Three potential #1 picks ... May 20, 2020 20:18:35 GMT
mgtr81: So far confirmed to be on the 1998 GAH draft ... May 20, 2020 20:17:28 GMT
mgtr81: I think it will depend on team needs and preferences May 20, 2020 20:17:00 GMT
mgtr81: Next one should be interesting ... no clear #1 favourite May 20, 2020 20:16:50 GMT
mgtr81: However, it's true it was too heavy on big men and lacking at other positions May 20, 2020 20:16:15 GMT
mgtr81: 1985 maybe at the same level than this one May 20, 2020 20:15:44 GMT
mgtr81: The 1977 and 1984 drafts probably being better May 20, 2020 20:15:04 GMT *
mgtr81: I think overall this is one of the best drafts ever, probably 3rd or 4th May 20, 2020 20:14:17 GMT
Cleasby: Pick done - probably shallowest first round we have had here for a long time haha May 20, 2020 20:04:52 GMT
mgtr81: I'm starting to run out of contacts, so if you know of potential GMs who can be good additions invite them to join May 19, 2020 17:22:56 GMT
mgtr81: Avatars have been updated for those who didn't have one of his team May 16, 2020 5:05:12 GMT
iceman: Ohh its my turn, let me get my list first May 16, 2020 4:23:07 GMT
mgtr81: Pistons on the clock May 15, 2020 16:03:30 GMT
drumr: Larry Johnson (S&T) available and Elden Campbell as well to a team looking to contend! May 14, 2020 16:27:43 GMT