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cb4raptorscb4: Playoffs baby!!! Sept 14, 2020 18:33:13 GMT
saspurs: perfect...thanks! Sept 13, 2020 15:01:14 GMT
mgtr81: so for the first playoff sim, Western teams who have injured players for only one day they will be healthy for the game Sept 11, 2020 8:01:40 GMT
mgtr81: it's possible to choose which games you want to sim Sept 11, 2020 8:00:52 GMT *
mgtr81: there will be different days in the game, but not for us Sept 11, 2020 8:00:44 GMT
mgtr81: We will be simming as usual, 4 Eastern Conference and 4 Western Conference games per day Sept 11, 2020 8:00:23 GMT
saspurs: Thanks!@ Sept 7, 2020 19:04:40 GMT
saspurs: appears the schedule shows four games on day one...and then 8 games day two. So is it safe to assume the first sim the Spurs will not be playing? Just making sure. Sept 7, 2020 19:04:38 GMT
mgtr81: Playoffs start on Monday September 14th, so everyone has one week to submit DCs Sept 6, 2020 19:26:03 GMT *
jestor: Sort of back. In a motel for a month and a half while I close on a house. Plus new job starting and continuing old job that requires reclassification and new paperwork Aug 17, 2020 1:45:03 GMT
mgtr81: simming now Aug 3, 2020 14:41:43 GMT
mgtr81: sorry for the delay, something happened yesterday and I couldn't sim Aug 3, 2020 14:41:41 GMT
mgtr81: Thanks for letting us know, Tim Jul 26, 2020 18:10:44 GMT
jestor: Will be mostly inactive for potentially 2-3 weeks. Packing up house and plotting cross-country move. Jul 26, 2020 17:41:29 GMT
mgtr81: simming now Jul 11, 2020 14:30:01 GMT
mgtr81: sorry guys, there were some crazy days at work and couldn't sim for the last two days Jul 11, 2020 14:29:57 GMT
cb4raptorscb4: Good stuff! Jul 8, 2020 12:51:21 GMT
mgtr81: Thanks a lot Jul 7, 2020 20:35:45 GMT
mgtr81: We now have the Standings link back courtesy of FlamingHomer Jul 7, 2020 20:35:41 GMT
mgtr81: not yet Jul 3, 2020 15:32:39 GMT