Round 1 - Pick 3

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mgtr81: not yet Jul 3, 2020 15:32:39 GMT
andrei: yeah, the only way to check results in the meantime is through the file right? or is there a link to standings or schedule? Jul 2, 2020 19:35:29 GMT
mgtr81: If so, working on that Jul 2, 2020 14:48:56 GMT
mgtr81: Do you mean in the navigation bar? Jul 2, 2020 14:48:49 GMT
andrei: Am I blind or there are no HTML buttons? Jul 1, 2020 20:09:48 GMT
mgtr81: I will edit these preferences and copy the ones pre-training camp Jun 27, 2020 13:58:29 GMT
mgtr81: it seems to happen each time there is a ratings update Jun 27, 2020 13:58:10 GMT
mgtr81: Andrei ... this is a bug Jun 27, 2020 13:57:58 GMT
mgtr81: Sorry all, Friday something happened and could not even log in to delay the filling rosters sim. Jun 27, 2020 13:57:44 GMT
andrei: Mark Jackson has -1% catch and shoot - hope this will not cause any errors? Jun 24, 2020 21:09:55 GMT
mgtr81: The 1997-98 regular season will start on Sunday Jun 24, 2020 15:35:25 GMT
mgtr81: Filling rosters sim on Friday Jun 24, 2020 15:35:11 GMT
mgtr81: Next sim is the last FA sim Jun 19, 2020 21:58:04 GMT *
mgtr81: Sorry for not simming yesterday, something happened and could not sim Jun 19, 2020 21:43:06 GMT
mgtr81: Starting on Monday with FA Sim 11, sims will be two in-game days Jun 11, 2020 19:10:37 GMT
mgtr81: Next sim will be on Sunday and will be the last one-day sim Jun 11, 2020 19:10:20 GMT
mgtr81: Yes, latest file is FA08 Jun 11, 2020 7:08:42 GMT
mgtr81: I thought I was simming only about half an hour earlier. It was that or waiting until today as I could not sim later yesterday. Jun 11, 2020 7:08:21 GMT
mgtr81: My bad ... I forgot in summer time we have a 2-hour difference with GMT instead of one. Jun 11, 2020 7:08:11 GMT
Cleasby: Also can you please confirm the in game date as the league file says FA8 at the moment. Thanks Jun 10, 2020 18:45:17 GMT